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ABS Hand Shower - Add Style to Your Bathroom

Having an ABS hand shower is a great way to enjoy a luxurious bath without all the water. You can easily turn on the tap without lifting your arm, which will save your time and energy. The design also makes it easy to clean the shower head after each use, extending its lifespan.
Whether you're looking to change the look of your bathroom, add style, or are just interested in a quality shower, the ABS Hand Shower has you covered. In addition to the wide range of spray heads, you can choose from a variety of materials including stainless steel, PVD or matt black.
The shower head can be changed to any spray mode at the push of a button, which means you can adjust to the pressure that works best for you. You can choose from a variety of spray head sizes, including a classic stick-style ABS hand shower with a brass body, or a multi-function hand shower with three spray heads. You can also choose from a variety of design collections, including classic, clean or contemporary. You'll even find hand showers with integrated massage jets.
With its distinctive drizzle of water, the ABS Hand Shower is an impressive piece of bathroom hardware. It's made of rust-resistant ABS and features a convenient control on the back of the shower head. It's also class-leading, with a great-looking dimmer switch and an easy-to-grip handle.
ABS hand showers aren't cheap, but they're worth the money. With its rust-resistant construction and dual jets, it's no surprise that this hand shower is an extremely popular choice among shower enthusiasts. It also comes in a sleek chrome finish, making it a great choice for modern bathrooms.
The ABS Hand Shower is sure to impress. Its sleek design and chrome finish complement any bathroom setting. The patented water-saving design will ensure you save money on your water bills, while its innovative air intake system leaves your skin feeling smooth.
The ABS hand shower comes with a long list of standard features, including an innovative air intake system and a five-year warranty. The patented design also features a gray scale nozzle that dispenses a single stream of water.
ABS hand shower made of brass and ABS with polished chrome finish. The sleek design is complemented by a flexible PVC silver hose and wall support.
ABS is a very heat resistant material and is also BPA free. The chrome finish on the hand shower head makes cleaning easier as it resists corrosion. The ABS hand shower also offers three spray settings. The handle is 3.6cm wide so you can get plenty of water in the shower. The hose is 150 cm long and is made of silver colored PVC. This hand shower has also been tested in hot and cold water.
Chrome finishing ABS plastic 5 functions hand shower head with switch
Item No. SR-004
Material ABS
OEM Acceptable
Surface Finishing: Chrome